Serbian Flood Relief Effort in Australia

Dear SOYA Members & Friends,

Due to the death and great suffering inflicted upon the people of Serbia and Bosnia from floods not recalled in living memory, the Serbian government has announced 3 days of mourning, that is the 21st , 22nd, and 23rd of May.

Поводом смрти и великог страдања нанесено грађанима Србије, последица не памћених поплава, Влада Србије је прогласила тродневну жалост, т.ј. 21, 22 и 23 маја.

SOYA will be changing to the Black SOYA logo for the time being as a sign of mourning & solidarity for those in our motherland. We ask our community, our friends, and all whom read this to please send through a donation for our disaster relief fund, that will be sent to the people in need.

Donate via Paypal 

Donate via SOYA

Moleban to be held at 6.00pm Sunday 25th May 2014 at St Luke the Apostle Mission, Serbian Orthodox Church, 75 Flowerdale Rd Liverpool, before the usual SOYA religious forum at 6.30pm. For more information on the Moleban, please click here.

Kind regards,
Angela Ostojic
SOYA NSW Co-ordinator


Patriarch Pavle last goodbye ...

On behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Youth Organizations from Canberra that I wish to sincerely condolences to all other believers, all Serbs, representatives of the Serbian people and Serbian Church in the homeland and the Diaspora on the occasion of passing away of our beloved and revered Serbian Patriarch Pavle.

Despite the two-year treatment of our Patriarch, and the fact that we are all aware of his condition, the sad news received 15th November, tossed it into the millions of faithful grief.
His Holiness Patriarch Pavle has loved only for an act which was the Serbian Orthodox Church, but because He was the embodiment of everything good and true and that many who knew him or knew of him, I can confidently say that they had walked more noble Serbia for many years.

As youth, we are proud that we had a chance to see and hear, having lived in our century, and we will for their children and grandchildren will be able to talk about it and to advise the Patriarch narratives that never go unnoticed.

Because it was enough to hear a message, a story, even just to see his character that someone saw how noble and lofty was this humble man who never aspired to fame and recognition, which did not appeal to everyone and shared his immense love and goodness.

How she loved him and testify Serbian people of all ages who have waited in tears turn to the last greetings to His Holiness, who had followed him to the grave, who were praying for him and he burned candles all over the world. And how much God loved him testify and the way it gently, calmly and quietly took in a dream, after receiving Holy Communion.

So pretty, even beautiful transition to the world, but still so painful for the Serbian people, because we have to admit that the departure of His Holiness Patriarch Pavle of Serbia greatly impoverished the country. However, now we have someone clean the soul who truly loves us and who sincerely pray for us up there ....

May his Memory last an Eternity!

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