Serbian Flood Relief Effort in Australia

Dear SOYA Members & Friends,

Due to the death and great suffering inflicted upon the people of Serbia and Bosnia from floods not recalled in living memory, the Serbian government has announced 3 days of mourning, that is the 21st , 22nd, and 23rd of May.

Поводом смрти и великог страдања нанесено грађанима Србије, последица не памћених поплава, Влада Србије је прогласила тродневну жалост, т.ј. 21, 22 и 23 маја.

SOYA will be changing to the Black SOYA logo for the time being as a sign of mourning & solidarity for those in our motherland. We ask our community, our friends, and all whom read this to please send through a donation for our disaster relief fund, that will be sent to the people in need.

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Moleban to be held at 6.00pm Sunday 25th May 2014 at St Luke the Apostle Mission, Serbian Orthodox Church, 75 Flowerdale Rd Liverpool, before the usual SOYA religious forum at 6.30pm. For more information on the Moleban, please click here.

Kind regards,
Angela Ostojic
SOYA NSW Co-ordinator


SOYA weekend in Adelaide

In front of a cinema hall filled almost, of the Serb Orthodox organised youth movement (Eng. SOYA) is shown, a documentary film "Kosovo can you imagine?" Last weekend in Adelaide. Among the high officials, among other distinguished guests, was the Attorney General, Minister of Justice and the multi-ethnic issues in the government of South Australia Michael Atkinson.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the good people who supported this event and its arrival helped in collecting revenues intended for children from Kosovo and Metohija.

Film in English about the pogrom of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, indirectly asking a series of provocative questions to the international community regarding human rights violations of non-Albanians in Kosovo. The goal is to get as many people know the origin of non-combustible with this issue. The more politicians, academics, NGOs and Australian diplomats should insufficient activities in this shocking documentary, all in search of a question: What really happened, what happened and what can still happen in the southern Serbian province?

With the screening of a group of young people from Melbourne, was also formed, having received dozens of new members, a branch of this organisation in the city churches.
Mirjana Bradic, Ana Vujanic, Elijah Perać, Goran Gambiroža, Milijana Bojic and Janko Nikolic in Melbourne are at the discretion of the parent board, shifting from talk to action, determined to organise what is necessary for the Serbian community, youth movement at the whole of Australia. They will, at a similar formula to form a podrstrek initiative and to accept new members and in other cities.

Their next stop will be Sydney, this weekend, and then the next Brisbane. His experience now we can definitely say the city where it all began she passed on to youth the best possible way with their new friends. With an informal conversation and pleasant company, has done much, because young people seems to be a "language" best understands.

SOYA a few days ago at the Australian registered as a non-profit association of youth within the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand.

We hereby appeal to all religious schools of the municipality, through its governing boards encourage and assist members uključavanje SOYA for the municipalities and the separation of funds for youth projects contribute to the development of awareness and preservation of national and cultural identity in the truest sense of the word.

Unfortunately, this had previously been the case. There has been a mass assimilation, since it is generally known that the vast majority of children's talents and ambitions beyond the content they are currently offered by the church noškolskih municipalities, sports and other Serbian organisations in Australia. Church, as the headquarters of the Serbian community in Australia, in this case the church school boards at the local level that decide on the projects to be supported must be noted that the specific assistance is badly needed.

Only after it has been a successful relationship between members of SOYA, not only locally but in the whole continent, we hope more serious projects, following a model where Boris Malagurski dokumetarnog film director, youth work and to preserve the identity of the Orthodox faith here, where live, learn and work. Until then, it is necessary to support them.

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