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Due to the death and great suffering inflicted upon the people of Serbia and Bosnia from floods not recalled in living memory, the Serbian government has announced 3 days of mourning, that is the 21st , 22nd, and 23rd of May.

Поводом смрти и великог страдања нанесено грађанима Србије, последица не памћених поплава, Влада Србије је прогласила тродневну жалост, т.ј. 21, 22 и 23 маја.

SOYA will be changing to the Black SOYA logo for the time being as a sign of mourning & solidarity for those in our motherland. We ask our community, our friends, and all whom read this to please send through a donation for our disaster relief fund, that will be sent to the people in need.

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Moleban to be held at 6.00pm Sunday 25th May 2014 at St Luke the Apostle Mission, Serbian Orthodox Church, 75 Flowerdale Rd Liverpool, before the usual SOYA religious forum at 6.30pm. For more information on the Moleban, please click here.

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Angela Ostojic
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Serbian Parliament Dveri and their visit to Australia: Bosko Obradovic and Zoran Radojicic

At a time when Serbia as a state stumbled on many fronts, and the Serbian nation is going through a dramatic period of moral and national defeated, and disfigured spiritually, there are associations such as the "Serbian Dveri" and "Our network" that have set themselves an enormous and thankless job - recover all the lost value of the Serbian people that it was adorned by a rich history. In the first place is a spiritual revival as ini-cijator all others regeneration. To be is to be achieved "Dveri" and "Our network" set out to identification those problems of the Serbian people and then his real assessment, the task of healing. At the beginning-my, it is necessary to establish the broken relationship between the parent of Serbia and Serbs in the meeting. No easy task but not neostavrljiv. On this occasion, as guests of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, with the blessing of the spiritual leader of all the young Serbs in the world, Bishop G Australia and New Zealand. Irenaeus, on the fifth continent was accompanied by a young Serbian intellectuals-Bosko Obradovic ("Dveri") and Zoran Radojicic ("Our network"). They gladly accepted the invitation to visit our newsroom where he originated and discussion that follows.

What is the purpose of your stay in Australia?

Obradovic: - With this one-month stay in Australia, Parliament Srpksi Dveri, completes his introduction to the complete Serbian meeting. In fact, in recent years, we have customers in over 40 Serbian prvoslavnih communities worldwide. First in Europe, then the North American continent, in the U.S. and Canada, and now in Australia, and our goal is really to be acquainted with the complete life and work of the Serbian meeting around the world and to actually connect in the first place with Related us and the Orthodox and national fraternal organisations throughout the world, through introduction to all their problems, ways of life and activities, contribute to the development of the Serbian network and integration of all of our joint capacities in a network that would work together for the Serbian Church, the people and the country as a whole. With great pleasure we can say, that after this visit, "Serbian Parliament Dveri", almost the only organisation in this moment, in the world, that circled the entire Serbian meeting and is linked with all the most important, especially youth organisations around the world and that thus Serbian network to one type of potential, that we are all connected and start today to be expected in a perspective of a serious and concerted effort to work, a whole new generation of young people or young Serbian Serbdom worldwide.

After meeting with the diocesan authorities, municipalities CS, which you have visited, and with representatives of SOYA, in contact with ordinary people, citizens of the Serbs who live here, what you have gained general impressions?

RADOJIČIĆ: - impressions are very positive. We here at the invitation of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, the bishops Irinej. First of all to say something about it since we are guests of the church, we saw, this is mine, I would say the first impression, a very well regulated diocese, where Hierarch very much loves his Diocese and its faithful.

Getting acquainted with the representatives of the Serbian community, we have seen that there is great potential here, looking from the point of the oldest expatriate community since before the Second World War, and after the political emigration, people who came in the nineties. We believe that the Serbian community can and should, be more and better organised, to exploit all the opportunities which have are very large.

Speaking at the consecration of Bishop's Throne in Grinzboru, you mentioned that "Dveri" and "Network" non-political association. How the current government in Serbia, look at your actions, do you in some form of help or hindered, primarily referring to the Government and the Parliament of Serbia?

Obradovic: - What is some of our basic induction calls from the beginning "Dveri" is non-interference in daily politics. We are fully confident that this partisanship provoked very negative effects in the en-pskom people, that our policy is very divided and that we were even in some way captured, impossible to seriously deal with the Serbian national question today. In this sense, we immediately wanted to complete our generation through the Serbian youth councils, free from daily politics and to direct the people to deal with key issues of identity, religion, spirituality, culture and tradition, the history of the Serbian people, which is often daily politics engaged, doing their job somehow.

We are a non-partisan, rather nadstranačka organisations and all political phenomena on the social scene, a traditional treat from the corner that says "neither the grandmother nor the uncles." If anyone in government or opposition, is something that is useful for the Serbian national cause, we will welcome and the extent of our capabilities to help. Also, if anyone in government or in opposition to something negatively to the Serbian national cause, we will be those who have and are required to be critical, according to such political phenomena of our social scene. No mixing, therefore, in daily politics and their party debate, but by interfering in national politics and that of which depends the fate of the Serbian people, and in the hands of our politicians.

We had in the past 10 years of its existence on the social scene in Serbia, a very different relationship with the representatives of the daily politics. They just do this day, failed to recognize the importance of a new generation of young Serbs were preoccupied with themselves and their own aspirations neopolitičkim, stranačikim interests and come to power. They have a serious strategy as have neither the Serbian meeting, neither the Serbian youth, according to the authentic Serbian NGO sector that we represent.

The winners are programs for your work, and we know that it does not get very easily, and that there are certain criteria, in any way assist you in the whole Serbian Orthodox Church?

Obradovic: - It is necessary first of all tell me that only the spiritual children of the Serbian Orthodox Church, that our personal, family identity draw from the Church's identity, and the "Serbian Dveri" would not have occurred, that in our generation that has not happened to this great spiritual and moral renewal and that a whole generation of young Serbs have not turned to his church, after half a century of ignorance and ignorance of their own spiritual and national traditions of each other.

"Dveri Serbian" occurred in that ecclesial renewal in our nation and we find their identity in the church. It is natural that we turned to the SPC and all our activities, we try to reconcile with what the church thinks about certain social issues. A large number of activities linked to the church. Each of our business, in each of our dioceses, beginning with the blessing of the Bishop. We try to be in harmony with the missionary and every other activity of the SPC. Behind us is 11 years, held hundreds of meetings, which are mostly spiritual topics, and when our other social issues, their spiritual base and a world view that we promote on any social issue, it was this Orthodox spiritual sight.

For us it was a great honour that we are marking the 10th anniversary of "Serbian Dveri", received the pontifical Gramat His Holiness Patriarch Pavle. I hope you will continue to justify the trust that our Church suggests that we are one generation to the advantage of SPC and we hope that in future there would be more joint activities, that the Serbian Church to embrace a new generation of which I was really committed to , which is really dedicated to working on behalf of the SOC.

How your work looks citizenship, for example, students, schoolchildren, athletes, musicians, who behold not any parties?

RADOJIČIĆ: - Ordinary people primarily respond very well to all our activities and many were pleasantly surprised that in the years behind us, many even of humanitarian activities were coloured factions, that is about it and get beyond that point, to raise a good reputation before any election, or to prepare himself for some time for a candidacy. People like to see when their youth has the maturity and responsibility to the times in which they live, when they are at the moment that there are indeed responsible bravely grappling with all the problems. It is all of our activities of this kind, are nothing more than, dealing with the problems of our time in order to help the Serb people, considering our options. When in one of our actions say we visit Kosovo and Metohija, our people, we do more things. As soon as you help someone, then zadovoljiš egzistencione basic needs, to feed a man, because you do not need zaobraviti that there are many hungry people. Far more importantly, we are our brothers in Kosovo humanitarian actions when we do, first make it clear that they are not alone, that they left, they are not zaboravaljeni. Especially when you come to the fore in such humanitarian actions include our Serbs, our compatriots who live and work abroad, Canada, Australia, USA, Western Europe ...

In your speech at Grinzboru, you talked about the evils that befell the Serbs in 2O.veku and the Serbian people, who are your plans to fight these evils?

Obradovic: - Our generation is faced with serious with what we have called the historical sins of the Serbian people in the twentieth century, which for us was really tragic and disastrous. Because most blame our Serbian intelligence. Our basic assumption is: Serbian intelligentsia, some of the noblest men of the Serbian people in the twentieth century, too often they were willing to give up their national identity, due to any career and motives of this world, or for some new ideology that came to our region. So we too easily embraced the Yugoslav and drowned him in our Serbian national identity, so we too easily embraced communism and virtually collapsed by the end of the Serbian national being at that time the communist slavery. Today, again, somewhat lightly embraced a new European and global integration, sacrificing their own territory, the elements of its national identity. This is what our generation is considered absolutely disastrous.

We cannot afford to explain, to say the Serbian intelligentsia time between the two world wars, could not help noticing, that Yugoslavia would end up in Jasenovac! It is for us a striking fact that intellectuals have not noticed that the state generated by the group, as a state of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes and all others who have lived in it, you end up on the Serbian damage. Not just on an ordinary expense, but will be paid millions of Serbian men who will end up in the pits during the genocide of World War II.

We are not against integration, and we believe that the Serbian people has no reason not to participate in world events, in the modern and modernity of any kind, but on the other hand, each of these integrations must be tested and critically examined from the position of our national interests. In this regard, it is a novelty that makes "Serbian Parliament Dveri" to the Serbian intelligence throughout the twentieth century, which is unfortunately so often willing to sacrifice their Serbian national interests, for your own comfort, comfort, career and ideology for which however they went, to achieve their dreams and some who fasts villa-like grand illusion. Our main purpose is to "Serbian Parliament Dveri" is a serious generator, a new enthusiasm for the love of one's own nation, his own church, tradition, because, on this basis we build our future en-pskoga people in the 21st century.

We have no problem with the modern achievements of mankind, but we have a problem if someone convinces us that in the modern world we can only go by what we give up ourselves. So, it is a false setting which we nagledao in the twentieth century. Whenever we have denied ourselves, we have ended fatally, because we think that in this 21st century, the most important thing that the Serbs should learn from the twentieth century did not renounce itself, does not renounce their faith, their traditions and history.

Given the social, economic and political situation in which the Serbs, who are a real chance to succeed in their bids? What will it take time?

Obradovic: - Serbian historic decline last 100 years. From the moment we are the winners in the First World War, could not realize the centuries-old dreams of our ancestors and build a united Serbian lands in the Balkans, we have this project was given up and drowned in a false Yugoslav state, a false Yugoslav identity. So 100 years we as a people falls and relinquishing them. How much will be required to return to itself, and to re-conquer those spiritual, moral, kurturološke and all other values that we left in the past 100 years, it really is a serious and difficult question. I hope that we will not need a hundred or more years for this, but certainly it will not be easy and quick process.

We exist for 11 years ("Dveri"), and see how this process progresses, and as it happens. Young people today are turning to his Church, as the highest percentage of believers and religious people today in Serbia and the Serbian lands in general, and in the meeting, are young people, how we as a nation as a whole, finally realize that political change is not brought anything good because they were not based on spiritual and moral change and this is one unstoppable process, regardless of the challenges of new crises in which we live, nation-building, political, economic and others in which the Serbian people today.

We are fully confident that the Serb people, there is no salvation without this kind of spiritual, moral, and other national renewal. How long will it take? It depends on us, how seriously we will organise his Church in and around your church, how the modern Serbs upošte ready to make available to their people, they believe the future of his people, to commit to Serbian national interests, there think of the level of their ancestors, and we think we have much more than they currently do. That is the mission of the "Serbian Parliament Dveri" wherever we perform today, and we introduced ourselves and talked to more than 100 cities around the world, and therefore it is our message and in general whenever we perform in the Serbian meeting, this is the moment when need to wake up from this spiritual and national lethargy, and again when you need to be interested in the fate of their own people, when all we have to put together something that would be better.

Judging by your responses, your two organisations are very similar, would you be so kind as to explain what are the similarities and differences between your two organisations?

Obradovic: - It is a great similarity. "The Serbian Parliament Dveri" is a full 10 years ago initiated the establishment of a "parliament of the Serbian youth", just to make a single common network started the organisation gathers all scattered around the world. First, at the youth level, and then all the other operating with these svetosavskih basis, and have a national non-partisan character and want to get into the one network. The project of the Serbian Youth and Serbian network project, as an association of all these organisations around the world is truly a project of the "Serbian Parliament Dveri" and in that sense we are here for the past 10 years the initiators of the Serbian network, which brings together all our other related organisations around the world . There is practically no difference of some large. "The Serbian Parliament Dveri" is the coordinator of a number of organisations dealing with various issues of spirituality to the sphere of social sphere of active threads. We see ourselves as a generator and promoter of the unification of all these organisations, as someone who was invited, in a way that appeals to Serbs throughout the world to a collective action, the common activation, and in that sense, no longer daring to be some sort of large differences, divisions and any other waste of time between all of us.

This is the time for a new organisation, the modern basis for the reproduction of those of our resources around the world in a common front. "The Serbian Parliament Dveri" and "Serbian network," try to at this task and purpose, offers a platform in which all can participate, while maintaining the autonomy of their organisations, while retaining activity for its programs, but those uniting the global joint Serbian national projects, of which it is important that everyone be involved, to give you a greater contribution. In this sense, we see that the "Serbian network" as a joint project of all of us, which could later be transformed into all that is necessary to the Serbian people. "Serbian network" can become a humanitarian, media and information, business, of course it has its own cultural moment around the world, and may be one day fashion and political networks, to solve all along the Serbian national question in the Balkans, which in this re-opening time.

We must ask the status of Serbs in the Balkans, the Serbian people in Republic of Serbian Krajina, which disappeared in the biggest ethnic cleansing since World War II, we must set the status of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbian outside, where there is no place to return to Kosovo, where they once lived , as does the return of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. We must ask and Serbian national law in Montenegro, where at present haunted by the Serbian Orthodox Church, and generally take the Serbian national rights of the Serbian community in Montenegro, changes the character and identity of the state which is clearly Serbian. To all this accumulated and serious national issues in the Balkans in general could be treated seriously by the Serbian people, we need a single platform in the Balkans. Through this single Serbian network, we would be able to focus our efforts and to change the specific problems that the Serbian nation is facing today. Whether these problems are humanitarian, cultural or political character.

"Serbian network" should be so strong, so well organised, so united, it can at the same time to deal with all the Serbian national issues that we currently suffer. If we do not become ripe for such a Serbian network, for that type of unifying national responsible for that kind of commitment, enthusiasm and love for the patriotic work again, despite all the defeats we have suffered, I do not see any hope that we can fix something in the 21 . Century. This is a question of either-or! Or we can make serious as a nation, to unite, organise, connect around the world, on a completely new and modern basis, modern information technologies, which provide us with technical possible to do so, we are still under-used, or we'll show you again from all our flaws twentieth century, all of our divisions, all of our divisions, all of our divisions, all the seriousness of our intelligence, our defeats and simply will not hold even in Kosovo and Metohija, but as we see, the question of Vojvodina, the Raska area, south of Central Serbia , the question of the abolition of Serbian! All these questions, make some new historical possibility of defeat in the 21 century. The mission of the "Serbian Parliament Dveri" is only to point out the dangers that still await us, and that these dangers we as a nation we will not be able to respond positively if you cannot change.

Message Serbs Australia?

RADOJIČIĆ: - I would like to thank all the individuals in epar-Australia-New Zealand's Hiji the hospitality these days. I take this opportunity to invite all individuals and organisations with whom we have not met before, to seize the opportunity to meet with us. We are open to any kind of cooperation, which will go quickly and easily, because it represents a young generation of people which is not loaded, nor political, economic, and do not know any other interest. In our work, therefore, not in our understanding of the type of mortgage that is lying, and even today, to-brim part is in many state institutions, in that the members of our people who live and work abroad observed and perceived as enemies of the state. This cooperation will go quickly and easily, because we share the same spiritual, cultural, national values shared by members of our meeting. We are one people, and invite them to join us, whether it be individuals, organisations such as, for example, "Serbian voice" that contributes to supporting this type of activity and not just following, but his writing directly contributes to the strengthening These Serbian-Serbian relations.

Obradovic: - Message "Serbian Parliament Dveri" all Serbs in the meeting and in Australia and, in some way want to suggest an awareness that perhaps at this moment is not sufficiently present in our meeting. It is the awareness that we need at this moment to choose which direction to go in our spread. I see two directions: one direction, on which we particularly want to deal with the theme of the 2010th year - is the idea of returning to the home of Serbian land in the Balkans. If there is a readiness of Serbs throughout the meeting, to think of returning, then on our part, we will initiate it. There must be spremost that they are invited and accepted the Serbian lands in the Balkans. We will in this sense to make a series of campaigns and pressure on our homeland in the Balkans, they form a serious strategy and return the hospitality world that the Serbs want to return to their home country and to provide various types of professional, economic, political and every other contributions in their homeland. On the other hand, if there is no such willingness to return, for any reason in which we need not now enter, must be ready for that organisation here in terms of scattering preserve the Serbian national identity and to not allow further assimilation of the Serbian people.

So it's a mutual benefit for the Serbs who are returning and so preserve their identity and posterity the Serbs and Orthodoxy, a benefit to the mother country, that those people who are successful in the West to come and return to their homeland and make a contribution there or if we fail in this strategy but return, and unfortunately at this moment we do not have such a strategy does return thanks to the incompetence of our current state of political and other elites, who were not invited scattering to return, nor did they provide the conditions for the return of the meeting, or are offered reintegradcija clear guarantees of a range of facilities Serbian meeting, to be greeted in the right way in their homeland. If it does already, and we will certainly do that, because it is the most important topic of all topics between the homeland and meeting, then let's at least in the meeting to seriously organise. Let's invent a range of alternative institutions in the long run to keep, a Serbian national, religious identity in the meeting, and to prevent further assimilation.

One is integration in the host countries that have enabled us living here, where we are scattered abroad throughout the world, and the other is so easily and assimilation of Serbian willingness to lose the language and religion and any other point of national identity, for the sake of full integration into the society in which we are. If we have therefore decided to stay here, if you have already opted for the integration of society, if we are already in some way satisfied with living standards that we have achieved here, and we do not want to change them to an uncertainty of return, then let's be serious here organise and to our future generations, preserving the national identity. What does that mean specifically? So, to stand stronger and more serious with our SOC and to create around it a number of institutions that do not have at this moment. We have our church nursery, we have our Serbian elementary school, we have our Serbian secondary schools, universities, do not have Serbian cultural organisations that we needed today, and we have perhaps even more the Serbian media that are most important to us at this moment. All of this, but if we stay here in the meeting and return to the Homeland of the country, must be all the much better organised than unity it is at this moment.

Then the message is actually breaking the spirit of each division, breaking with each national irresponsibility and a willingness to re-start the fight to preserve their national identity and national interests. The preconditions for this exist, the great emigration of the Serbian political generations have made this church throughout the world, this national parish, and other cultural homes around the world, these media, and these preparations for a new generation is now part of the change of generations, we need to support young people especially these young people, what you say you have SOYA-governmental organisations, that they take this a national responsibility for 21 century, to gain strength and enthusiasm, that they could do and some do not work the final of the Serbian meeting and preserving their identity, and prepare future generations for some of the quality of the en-pskog national identity and interests in the 21 century.

Without that kind of seriousness, with the continuation of our division and conflict, with the abandon this wave assimilation, which is extremely strong and present, perhaps naturally, we have no chance to survive as a people in meeting in the 21 century, and then I'm afraid that neither the Serbian meeting, which has had a major contribution to the Serbian people as a whole, will fail to execute the mission that we perceive to be really big in the 21 century. In addition to the Serbian Orthodox Church, and here I will end up with that, the Serbian scattering is the greatest strength of the Serbian people in this hour, we force the other patriotic countries in the Balkans do not see, which has remained unused, and has huge potential. So the Serbian Orthodox Church and scattering, are the two forces of the Serbian people that could possibly decisive turn in all the battles that await us in the 21st century. If you show unity, if they show commitment and if they show a new forms of organisation that we need. "The Serbian Parliament Dveri" is because the call for the unity of the seriousness, and to invite and to offer concrete projects of this new organisation in the 21st century.

Work Berak and Michael Babic

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