Serbian Flood Relief Effort in Australia

Dear SOYA Members & Friends,

Due to the death and great suffering inflicted upon the people of Serbia and Bosnia from floods not recalled in living memory, the Serbian government has announced 3 days of mourning, that is the 21st , 22nd, and 23rd of May.

Поводом смрти и великог страдања нанесено грађанима Србије, последица не памћених поплава, Влада Србије је прогласила тродневну жалост, т.ј. 21, 22 и 23 маја.

SOYA will be changing to the Black SOYA logo for the time being as a sign of mourning & solidarity for those in our motherland. We ask our community, our friends, and all whom read this to please send through a donation for our disaster relief fund, that will be sent to the people in need.

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Moleban to be held at 6.00pm Sunday 25th May 2014 at St Luke the Apostle Mission, Serbian Orthodox Church, 75 Flowerdale Rd Liverpool, before the usual SOYA religious forum at 6.30pm. For more information on the Moleban, please click here.

Kind regards,
Angela Ostojic
SOYA NSW Co-ordinator


Blood on His Hands: The Ethics of Death

On a shameful promotion, the three unanswered questions, painful silence of leaders and organisers of promotion Craig Jurisevic after the questions.

On Tuesday 1 June at the premises of the State Library of Victoria held a presentation of the book Blood ˝ ˝ on my hands, Dr. Craig australijanskog Jurisica. Dr. Jurisic, or cardiovascular surgeon at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, he spent seven weeks in Kosovo in mid-1999, first as a doctor, and later as a KLA soldier, later writing a book about his stay in Kosovo.

In fact, in early 1999. years, Dr.. Jurisic, determined to help "these poor people they are trying to exterminate the Serbs", coming to Albania and began working as a surgeon in one of the hospitals near the border with Serbia .. After a few weeks, realize that the drug cartels ruled Albania and the mafia, and that hospitals are not spared either, he decided he could better use their skills and contribute to the Albanian people somewhere on the battlefield, or more precisely as a KLA soldier and doctor in the fight against the Serbs.

Why exactly is Dr. Jurisic decided on this step, it is not known but what is known and what is Dr. Jurisic extensively and publicly said was his work on the front, ie the killing of Serbian soldiers as a regular occurrence and the refusal of treatment when the same opportunity to do so. The book also notes that Dr. Jurisic was a valuable contributor of NATO, and that he personally participated in collecting vital information that helped the NATO aggression against Serbia. Aggression against a sovereign, internationally recognized country.

With Dr. Jurisica to promote the book in Melbourne, were also Tim McCormack, one of the leading professors of international humanitarian law in Australia, and Australian Army retired general, Jim Molan.

Unlike other cities where Dr. Jurisic promote his book, in Melbourne gathered fifteen Serbs who have successfully organised and saved. The first three questions were posed by the present representatives of the Serbian community, which was crucial for the tone and the further course of the discussion. The first two questions were addressed to Professor Tim McCormack, Professor of International Humanitarian Law and međunorodnog with Melbourne University. The third question was addressed to Craig Jurisevic, an Australian doctor from Adelajda fighter and former KLA terrorist organisation.

The first question - whether the analogy of Kosovo, under international law is part of Serbia, and some ethnic minorities in Victoria, which documented the human rights violations, could use the same "right" to secede from the country and killing policemen or soldiers this country? The second question is also addressed to Professor McCormack was - if he sat next to Dr. Jurisica that the same Hamas instead of working for KLA, and the third question referred to the author of the book-why Dr.Jurišić decided to work for the terrorist organisation known for their criminal activities and cooperation with Al Qaeda? Questions or avoided through the hollow phrases or completely ignored. But these issues, representatives of the Serbian community, was too painful for participants who did not know how to respond. The organisers quickly end the time for asking questions. It has become too complicated and too neočekivo reply to questions from the audience of Serbs. They could not afford another series of civilized, but for them unpleasant questions that obviously did not have an adequate response. The wine is left nepopijeno and promotion bjese shortened.

Law and justice: political and legalistic question (VDA) her crime "wolf in sheep is their right to 'the poor man's tyrant. But latest tyranny leg to stand by the neck, lead him to the acknowledgment of rights, that is his most sacred duty "(Bishop Petar II Petrovic)

Questions were too uncomfortable and too relevant to be able to ignore. In any case, were not politically correct for such a set that is aimed at hypocritical (with wine, snacks and string quartet) glorify and justify what cannot celebrate, nor justified.
Serbs organised an event like this approach is commendable and it is hoped that from now on any such event will not remain unnoticed and adequately nepropraćen by the Serbian community. There are situations in which the public has to react, it is primarily a human and moral obligation towards the suffering innocent Serbs from Kosovo, killed by Albanian terrorists and their mentors and financiers.
It remains sincerely hope that the Serbian authorities have to respond to one such testimony and thoroughly investigate all allegations in the case of a former fighter, a terrorist organisation KLA, Craig Jurisevic. Serbian victims in Kosovo to undertake.

Ana Vujanic / Janko Nikolic.

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