Serbian Flood Relief Effort in Australia

Dear SOYA Members & Friends,

Due to the death and great suffering inflicted upon the people of Serbia and Bosnia from floods not recalled in living memory, the Serbian government has announced 3 days of mourning, that is the 21st , 22nd, and 23rd of May.

Поводом смрти и великог страдања нанесено грађанима Србије, последица не памћених поплава, Влада Србије је прогласила тродневну жалост, т.ј. 21, 22 и 23 маја.

SOYA will be changing to the Black SOYA logo for the time being as a sign of mourning & solidarity for those in our motherland. We ask our community, our friends, and all whom read this to please send through a donation for our disaster relief fund, that will be sent to the people in need.

Donate via Paypal 

Donate via SOYA

Moleban to be held at 6.00pm Sunday 25th May 2014 at St Luke the Apostle Mission, Serbian Orthodox Church, 75 Flowerdale Rd Liverpool, before the usual SOYA religious forum at 6.30pm. For more information on the Moleban, please click here.

Kind regards,
Angela Ostojic
SOYA NSW Co-ordinator


Serbian Parliament Dveri Appeal- 15 years since the operation "Storm"

HISTORY Krajina Serbs

The slogan of Appeal against adoption of the resolution on Srebrenica in the Serbian Parliament, which is supported by more than 100 Serbian patriotic organisations and over 300 public figures from around the world, indicated that SERBIAN VICTIMS OF NOT LESS IMPORTANT! Because it's time we tell the full truth about the historical suffering of the Serbian people in the 20 century, and continuing on višeetapnom genocide perpetrated against us, the easier it was possible to replace the thesis and the people to make people victims of crimes and genocide in a separate and completely unresolved historical event such as Srebrenica. Even though in this work for many local and international stakeholders anti-Serb forces, the greatest fault of us who have forgotten their own victims.

A symbol of many other victims and the suffering of Serbian Krajina Serbs are that the entire last century persecuted in NDH: the persecution of Serbs in the Cyrillic alphabet and early 20th century, through the concentration camps in World War II to the destruction of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. The Storm on the Serbian people in Slavonia, Dalmatia, Krajina, Leakey, is a century and it is necessary to tell the whole truth and recall the rich history of Serb Krajina military.

Foreign policy and presenting the truth about the Serbs in the world at this moment we do not have enough power and finance. Perhaps the first priority in this truth again and again to present to the Serbs, who have forgotten and neglected. Therefore Serbian Parliament Dveri proposes making a special theme of the history of the Krajina Serbs for centuries, with a reminder of the suffering in the 20th century and marking the 15th anniversary of Operation Storm and the persecution of the RSK. This thesis would be a circulation of 10,000 copies appeared on all news stands in Serbia, the Republic of Serbian and Montenegro, plus was distributed throughout the Diaspora in Europe, America, Canada and Australia. On this occasion, and we made a special documentary on this subject that would be broadcast on over 30 TV stations in Serbia, the Republic of Serbian and Montenegro, as well as promotions in the stands-these topics in more than 10 major cities in the Balkans that we staged the end of this year. Total funding for the implementation of this project is between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 (magazine, film, and promotion). All this should be ready within a month to campaign began on 1 of October.

So we need to know as soon as possible whether it is possible to provide funding for this project, and we believe this is possible if you join several Serbian parish communities and the better-off individual benefactors.

Thanks in advance on behalf of the Serbian Parliament Dveri,

In Belgrade, August 2010.

Bosko Obradovic, Zoran Radojicic

Information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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