Serbian Flood Relief Effort in Australia

Dear SOYA Members & Friends,

Due to the death and great suffering inflicted upon the people of Serbia and Bosnia from floods not recalled in living memory, the Serbian government has announced 3 days of mourning, that is the 21st , 22nd, and 23rd of May.

Поводом смрти и великог страдања нанесено грађанима Србије, последица не памћених поплава, Влада Србије је прогласила тродневну жалост, т.ј. 21, 22 и 23 маја.

SOYA will be changing to the Black SOYA logo for the time being as a sign of mourning & solidarity for those in our motherland. We ask our community, our friends, and all whom read this to please send through a donation for our disaster relief fund, that will be sent to the people in need.

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Moleban to be held at 6.00pm Sunday 25th May 2014 at St Luke the Apostle Mission, Serbian Orthodox Church, 75 Flowerdale Rd Liverpool, before the usual SOYA religious forum at 6.30pm. For more information on the Moleban, please click here.

Kind regards,
Angela Ostojic
SOYA NSW Co-ordinator


The Spring Community Festival Season is Launched

Sydney Darling Harbour and Tumbalong Park will be hosting 11 weekends of cultural festivals, showcasing some of the state’s most vibrant and dynamic multicultural communities.

Today, representatives from the Serbian Festival Community attended the launch of the Community Festival Season at Tumbalong Park to celebrate the beginning of the Spring Community Festival Season.

While showcasing the traditional Serbian costume, they were joined by representativesfrom many other cultural communities, as well as the Indonesian, Greek, Latino and Indian community.

The Hon. Victor Dominello, NSW Minister for Citizenship and Communities, as well as Catherine Gallagher, CEO of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, attended the launch.

An avid supporter and admirer of the Serbian culture and Serbian Festival, Minister Dominello said he admired the passion and love that Serbs had for their identity.

“[It’s] a very close knit community and when they come together they are very friendly and hospitable. I love the [Serbian] costume, it’s very intricate, and the dancing is amazing,” Minister Dominello said at the launch.

The Serbian Festival, which is a newcomer to the festival season this year, anticipates an even bigger turn out next year, with an array of entertainment and cultural experiences planned for the schedule.

The Serbian Festival Sydney invites all members of the public and members of Sydney’s multicultural community to attend the festival, which will be held on the 15th and 16th February 2014.

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